General Science Set 1

asvab-questions-general-science-1Use these General Science ASVAB practice test questions as part of your ASVAB preparation to see what categories you should focus your study time on and to learn what to expect on the actual ASVAB test. Share this page on twitter or like us on Facebook or Google Plus to see the Answers and Explanations for free.

ASVAB Practice Questions | General Science Set 1

Question 1: The summer solstice is the ________?

(A) longest day of the year.
(B) hottest day of the year.
(C) the Fourth of July.
(D) last day of summer.

Question 2: How many chambers does the human heart contain?

(A) 2
(B) 4
(C) 6
(D) 8

Question 3: Which of the following is an arachnid?

(A) lobster
(B) fire ant
(C) crustacean
(D) black widow

Question 4: Why is air is less dense than water?

(A) it is lighter.
(B) its molecules are further apart.
(C) its molecules are closer together.
(D) it moves more quickly and easily.

Question 5: 100° C is equal to how many degrees Fahrenheit?

(A) 32° F.
(B) 100° F.
(C) 200° F.
(D) 212° F.

ASVAB Practice Questions | Answers & Explanations

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