Word Knowledge Set 1

asvab-practice-questions-word-knowledge-set-1Study these Word Knowledge ASVAB practice exam questions as part of your ASVAB study plan to identify categories you should focus your studies on and to learn what to expect on the actual ASVAB test. Share this page on Twitter or like us on Facebook or Google Plus to see the Answers and Explanations for free.

ASVAB Practice Questions | Word Knowledge Set 1

Question 1: Detest most nearly means

(A) bulky.
(B) enjoy.
(C) hate.
(D) like.

Question 2: The meeting was mandatory. Which of the following most accurately describes mandatory?

(A) boring.
(B) optional.
(C) required.
(D) skipped.

Question 3: Potent most nearly means

(A) colorful.
(B) difficult.
(C) strong.
(D) weak.

Question 4: Astute most nearly means

(A) aloof.
(B) boorish.
(C) distant.
(D) shrewd.

Question 5: The farmer could not grow anything on his barren land. Which of the following most accurately describes barren?

(A) fertile.
(B) lush.
(C) over regulated.
(D) unfruitful.

ASVAB Practice Questions | Answers & Explanations

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