Should I Make Guesses To Questions on the ASVAB Test?

There score generated from your answers to test questions translates to what percentile of test takers you happen to fall into. For example, if you score 90% on the ASVAB you would know that 89% of the people taking the test did not do as well as you and that only 9% scored higher than your score.

Unlike most tests or exams, it does not pay to guess answers to questions on the ASVAB test that you are not sure that you are correct. Your score is based on the correct percentage of questions you answered. Therefore, this is not a test to make guesses on. If time permits, you can go back to questions in the current section to study those questions you did not answers already and review your answers to those that you felt confident about the correct answer.

Because the pen and paper ASVAB test is taken by using a question booklet and filling out an answer sheet. If you skip a question, be sure to notice the correct location in which to place the next answer. It is very easy to answer in the space you intended to leave blank, resulting in all the answers following being incorrect. You may know the answer to Question 14 is “A” but if you skipped Question 13 and forget to leave a blank on the answer sheet, you would really be stating that you think the best answer to Question 13 is “A” and so on, throughout the entire section.

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